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Claritas® Investment certificate “BRINGING CLARITY”

Special Programs

Certified Advanced Financial Modeler (CAFM ®).

A newly created program by Schweser Institute, the Certificate of Advanced Financial Modeler-Valuation Emphasis (CAFM®) program was introduced to provide the candidates with the advanced technicalities of a widely used software tool which will be used to deduce the right financial decisions a company should undertake. The certificate gives the power for candidates to use programming languages and create financial programs few in the financial industry know how to use (Visual Basic Applications, VBA®).

Certified Financial Statements Analyst (CFSA®)

Today’s decisions are increasingly relying on the outcome gained from the process of analyzing quantitative big data embedded in financial statements to implement financial decisions that has an immense impact on the firm taking that decision. Most of the prospective financial decisions, that a firm will decide to take, should before undertake a thorough analysis to its financial statements, including the off-balance sheet items and footnotes. A candidate will learn the danger signals to look for when assessing the viability of an enterprise.

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”The CAFM course is extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it. The material is very interesting, provides the candidate with the necessary knowledge to create a financial model  on excel and using VBA, and eventually enables the candidate to be comfortable in creating different kinds of models depending on the need for it”.

Dana Ghandour 17/04/2016