About Procrastination: Definition, Reasons & Solutions!

Are you experiencing Procrastination while preparing for your dream certificate in finance? What is Procrastination? Procrastination is to defer/delay an action. Usually a person who procrastinates is one that puts […]

June CFA Exam Day Changing in 2018: How Does it Affect You?

Post: June CFA Exam Day Posted By: Kaplan SchweserPublished: August 2, 2017 As you prepare for the CFA® exam, it’s important to measure all of your preparation against exam day, ensuring […]

Guidelines for your CFA New Year Resolution:

Nowadays, new year resolution, changes & setting goals go hand in hand with every new year. Richard Wisemen fromm the University of Bristol conducted a study involving 3,000 people that […]

CAFM: Certified Advanced Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA

The CAFM: The Certificate of Advanced Financial Modeling CAFM program offers finance professionals with sophisticated tools in Excel for better decision making. Also, the certificate enables the candidates to use programming […]

IFA Workshop at American University of Beirut AUB

Introduction: IFA successfully hosted a workshop at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in collaboration with 180 Degrees Consulting Club. Also, students formed teams of 3 and competed against each […]

CFADay: Orientation Session 2017 at Institute for Financial Analysts

CFADay: CFADay (#CFADay)  is not your typical Orientation Session where a keynote speaker speaks endlessly and explains everything to the bone. Of course, the orientation tackled all the loopholes regarding the […]

CFA2017 Intensive Review Boot Camp-Using Schweser MindMaps

CFA2017: Abstract of CFA2017: Our #CFACandidates Levels 1-2-3 preparing hard for the #CFAExam CFA2017 IFA’s annual intensive review sessions are usually held about one month prior to the exam. Students sit one […]

9 REASONS YOU FAIL THE CFAExam-by: Kaplan Schweser

9 Reasons People Fail the CFAExam: Posted by: Kaplan Schweser October 18, 2016 A step many students give very little thought to, but one that can really help you shape […]

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