CFADay: Orientation Session 2017 at Institute for Financial Analysts

CFADay: CFADay (#CFADay)  is not your typical Orientation Session where a keynote speaker speaks endlessly and explains everything to the bone. Of course, the orientation tackled all the loopholes regarding the […]

CFA2017 Intensive Review Boot Camp-Using Schweser MindMaps

CFA2017: Abstract of CFA2017: Our #CFACandidates Levels 1-2-3 preparing hard for the #CFAExam CFA2017 IFA’s annual intensive review sessions are usually held about one month prior to the exam. Students sit one […]

9 REASONS YOU FAIL THE CFAExam-by: Kaplan Schweser

9 Reasons People Fail the CFAExam: Posted by: Kaplan Schweser October 18, 2016 A step many students give very little thought to, but one that can really help you shape […]

Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Applications Open

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Annual IFA CFA BootCamp

Annual IFA CFA BootCamp (June 2016 Edition):

Annual IFA CFA BootCamp: The annual IFA CFA BootCamp took place at Le Crillon Hotel -Broumana. Candidates reviewed the CFA Material using Schweser Mind Maps the most sophisticated way to [...]

International Certified Valuation Specialist ICVS ® – Dubai Workshop

ICVS Workshop at Dubai by IFA: The institute for Financial Analysts, also charter for IACVA proudly announces its ICVS Workshop in Dubai, United Arab Nations. This workshop is sponsored by […]

2015 Dubai Conference – Business Valuation

On December 13, 2015, the International Association of Consultants, Valuators, and Analysts (IACVA) is drawing experienced business valuation professionals from all over the world to Dubai to share insights on valuation theories […]

Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Pre-Diagnostic Exam

By sitting for the CFA pre-diagnostic exam, Candidates wishing to enroll in the CFA Level I-2016 program will benefit from 2 aspects Candidates will test their knowledge and see where […]

Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Intensive Review Workshop

Attend IFA’s CFA Intensive Review Workshop for December 2015 Exam and increase your chances of Success. CFA Intensive Review Schedule Day Date Time Material Covered Wednesday Nov 11-2015 6:00pm till [...]

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