Guidelines for your CFA New Year Resolution:

Nowadays, new year resolution, changes & setting goals go hand in hand with every new year.

Richard Wisemen fromm the University of Bristol conducted a study involving 3,000 people that showed 88% of New Year Resolutions fail. One wonders the reasons behind this phenomenon.

If your New Year Resolution is to pass the CFA, here are some guidelines and tips that will help you in achieving your CFA Resolution this year.

  • Set Measurable-Mini Goals:

Saying “my new year resolution this year is to pass the CFA exam this year” is useless. Instead, put mini measurable objective goals. For example: “I resolve to complete n chapters every n days.” This will make your mini goals trackable and you can judge your performance on that basis.

  • Set a Resolution Plan:

After deciding on your resolution for the upcoming year, outline your plan of action. Grab your laptop or notebook and set out your plan for the exam. Every goal needs a plan to help pave the way and achieve your goals, especially for a long-term goal like the CFA.

  • The Devil is in the Details:

The CFA Exam in June is 6 months away, micro management of your time is crucial. Create small goals and expand them across the time period of six months. For example, if you plan to finish the material within 4 months, you should finish 1/16 of the material every week.

  • Be Realistic:

Set attainable and achievable goals. Aiming to finish the material in one month for example is a far-fetched goal which will leave you depressed when you fail to achieve it. Be realistic, know how lengthy attaining the CFA can be. If you are psychologically ready then you are in a better position for achieving your New Year Resolution.

  • Power of Positivity:

Never underestimate the power of positivity. Focus on the reason why the CFA was your resolution for the year and why you embarked upon this journey. Think of the positive aspects of attaining the CFA and how beneficial it will be for your career and life. If you believe you will do it, then you will.