A newly created program by the Schweser Institute, the Junior Investment Analyst (JIA®) program was introduced to provide candidates with the profound skills they need to excel in the investment industry. It aims at upgrading students and employees’ skills in Finance and elevating them up to the standards required by their jobs and therefore at helping the certificate holders in achieving the career path they aim for.

The following companies or institutions are constantly seeking to hire and retain employees who prove their skills in financial and investment analysis:
• Banks
• Brokerage firms
• Investment management firms
• Investment management consultancy
• Performance evaluation firms
• Hedge funds
• Mutual funds
• Private Equity firms
• Large corporations, among others.

The JIA® Certificate provides candidates with the opportunity to distinguish themselves in their field as well as acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue more advanced financial training and financial designations.

Stand out from the crowd
Differentiate yourself from other graduates and postgraduates.

Boost your professional profile
Drive your career and professional experience forward.

Gain priority when applying for jobs
International and local companies will give you priority when hiring for their finance related positions.

Process simplicity
The JIA® program provides its participants with a one phase study process that will end with a professional international certificate.

User-friendly content
The JIA® study materials are designed to be accessible to a wide range of audience regardless of specializations or business sectors.

Less demanding prerequisites
The JIA® program is less demanding in terms of prerequisites, making the JIA® more suited for a wide range of professional levels.

Prelude for other professional certifications
The JIA® certificate is an ideal start in terms of professional education. JIA’s can successfully progress to other specialized curriculum such as CFA® Program ( Chartered Financial Analyst), ICVS® (International Certified Valuation Analyst), CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) and FRM® (Financial Risk Manager).

Candidates wishing to enroll in the JIA should have a university degree or be in the final year of the bachelor’s degree program.

JIA® program is designed for those who seek a valuable professional certification in finance.  JIA® Certificate will provide its participants with an essential yet extensive view of the investment and finance management topics. The strongest advantage of the JIA® is the delivered certificate from Schweser Institute at the end of the program.

Who Will Benefit?

The JIA certification provides evidence of competency in several key areas of investment valuation, financial analysis, economics, and ethical practice. Banks, brokers, money managers, investment management consultants and performance evaluation firms, hedge funds, and mutual funds all have employees who can benefit by increasing their investment knowledge and analytic skills. By offering the JIA Certificate to their employees, corporations not only develop a more educated workforce, but they are able to identify employees who will benefit from further training in financial analysis. For individuals, the JIA Certificate provides a way to distinguish themselves within their firms, as well as gain vital knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further financial training and financial designations.

JIA® study modules Share of final examination grade
Ethical Standards 10 %
Quantitative Methods 15 %
Economics 12 %
Financial Statement Analysis 20 %
Portfolio Theory 5 %
Corporate Finance 5 %
Structure and Operation of Securities Markets 8 %
Analysis and Valuation of Equity Securities 5 %
Debt Securities 10 %
Derivatives Securities 5 %
Alternative Assets 5 %

JIA Exam Fees 

Initial Exam Registration: $799 

Exam Registration includes JIA Study material (Book 1-2-3), Practice exam Book and the Exam Admission Ticket

Initial Exam Registration for Previous Schweser Customers: $499 

JIA Exam candidates who have previously purchased a Schweser study package (over $500) receive a discount.

Registration for a Subsequent JIA Exam: $299

Candidates who fail to take, or fail to pass, a JIA Exam may register for the next scheduled JIA Exam at a discounted rate.

JIA Exam Dates

Saturday March 16-2019 ( Closed)

Saturday July 13-2019 ( Registration will close on June 08-2019)

Saturday November 16-2019 ( Registration will close on September 07-2019)

The JIA® exam is a 3-hour exam that consists of 120 multiple choice questions. The JIA® exam will be administered by Schweser Institute through IFA. The passing score is set by the JIA Board of Governors after each exam.
The JIA® exam is administered by Schweser Institute twice a year (please check www.schweserinstitute.com for dates. The registration deadlines for an exam are two weeks prior to the examination date).

What is the success warrantee service?

• Receive a diagnosis report – in case you didn’t pass the real exam – that specifies your key deficiency areas and helps you in placing more focus to improve these specific weaknesses.
• Sit for a free retake JIA® exam that will be scheduled 6 weeks after the real exam.
• Receive another diagnosis report – in case you didn’t pass the retake exam – highlighting the key deficiency areas that still require particular attention and reinforcement.
• Attend the following JIA® training course free of training charges (only the exam and material fees apply) for the next JIA® exam.

Schweser Institute. a subsidiary of Kaplan Schweser, Kaplan Schweser is a leading US educational company that has global presence and provides study material for internationally recognized certificates in Finance such as the CFA® and the FRM®.

As a leading global provider of financial education solutions, Schweser Institute helps finance professionals obtain certifications that enable them to advance in their careers:
• Industry-leading content by expert instructors.
• Online delivery offers convenience and flexibility.
• Video courses can be reviewed conveniently—anytime, anywhere.
• Excellent student support by academic advisors.
• Quick return on investment.

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