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"Kaplan really helped structure my study plan." - Kaleigh S (Student)
"I definitely attribute my success to SchweserNotes." - Martin H (Student)
"''The CAFM course is extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it. The material is very interesting, provides the candidate with the necessary knowledge to create a financial model on excel and using VBA, and eventually enables the candidate to be comfortable in creating different kinds of models depending on the need for it''." - Dana Ghandour
"I believe that any person working in finance or business in general can learn a lot from the Advanced Financial Modeling course, the instructional approach and exploration given by the professor in class and after was of great help. I highly recommend everyone to take the course. " - Reem Aboul Hosn
"“I cannot speak highly enough about IFA and its role in helping me pass the 3 levels of CFA examinations. In short, I wouldn’t be a CFA chart holder today without going through IFA’s established system of teaching; a system that has proven its success throughout the years. Thank you IFA and I wish nothing but continued success for the IFA family.”" - Omar Halabi
"I passed CFA Level III June 2017 Exam and I just wanted to thank you for the help and support over the past 2 years. Really, the experience at the IFA was very pleasant. The instructors were top notch and the overall preparations for the exam, over the various levels, were planned out really well. They both played an important role in helping us prepare and cope with the pressure of taking the exam. I am grateful for all of your guys' efforts. I hope that we would cross paths once more in the future." - Adel Naji
"I would like to share my feedback regarding my experience with IFA. I had great experience with IFA throughout the process of CFA exams preparation, the institute has offered full support along the journey without any kind of hesitance. For them, every student is an asset and they are willing to offer all kind of support needed to help you reach your objective. This applies to instructors and IFA team. The instructors were available to answer any enquiry or when facing challenges and their follow up was impressive. I highly recommend IFA for those who are looking to pursue CFA designation as well as other designations. Thank you" - Mohamad Ziad mabsout
""First, let me thank IFA for their hospitality and efforts which contributed to a positive educational atmosphere. Second, the CAFM workshop proved to be quite informative and an eye-opener in the field of financial modelling and use of excel tools and functions. The course has enabled me to gain a lot of insights on the potential of using excel in financial studies and exercises. Mr. Louay was more than patient and professional in all his dealings with us. He provided sufficient guidance and mind triggering questions in class to motivate our critical thinking and learning process. Thank you again for all your efforts"" - Tarek Mukalled (feedback)