CFA2017 Intensive Review Boot Camp-Using Schweser MindMaps


Abstract of CFA2017:

Our #CFACandidates Levels 1-2-3 preparing hard for the #CFAExam CFA2017

IFA’s annual intensive review sessions are usually held about one month prior to the exam. Students sit one last time with their professors to double check on all the material and make sure they are well acquainted with it. IFA is usually known for its famous CFA Intensive Review BootCamp, as students go to the mountains and isolate themselves from all distractions. Candidates spend 4 days, usually Thursday till Sunday, along with all the teaching staff preparing hard for their CFA exam in June.

IFA held its annual intensive Review & Boot Camp for the June CFA2017 exam at Le Crillon Hotel  in Broumana.  Using Schweser MindMaps, candidates reviewed each topic of the CFA curriculum and held problem solving sessions. Consequently, all of this will help reinforce their knowledge, practice their exam techniques, and improve their exam-taking skill and speed.

IFA Candidates typical intensive review weekend:

First, candidates wake up early in the morning at 8:00PM and prepare themselves for a breakfast at 9:00PM. After the breakfast, candidates start reviewing and solving till 7:00PM with a one hour lunch break in between. After that candidates and professors take a walk in the lovely streets of Broumanna to shake off their exhaustion and prepare for the next days. Also, some students prefer to form study groups after 7:00PM, it really just depends on your preference.

Lastly, this is exactly what is needed during the final weeks of preparation in order to build the candidate’s confidence and perform effectively on the CFA exam.

The Intensive Review Boot Camp included:

  • 4 full days of exam preparation
  • Thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and answer techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Schweser Review Workshop Mind Maps (Review slides)
  • Schweser Review Workshop Questions (Practice questions)