IFA Football Tournament
IFA Football Tournament
IFA Football Tournament

IFA Football Tournament 2018: CFA Level 1 vs Level 2

Wednesday night, February 28th, 2018, IFA Football Tournament took place at 9:30PM

A clash between the students of CFA Level 1 Class and CFA Level 2 Class.

Formations were planned a week before the big game.
Students enthusiastically organized their positions in the formation.

On the day of the event:
The students gathered in front of the IFA office at 9:00pm and headed to Nejmeh Field where the game took place.
Warm up sessions took place before the clock turned 9:30pm, after which the team teams, took a group photo.
(CFA Level 1: Black Shirt Team, CFA Level 2: White Shirt Team)

IFA Football Tournament kick Off at 9:30PM
HT: Score was 1-1
FT: CFA Level 2  3-1   CFA Level 1.

Institute for Financial Analysts strives to provide a friendly environment where students become close friends in their journey to achieve and attain their Charter.

CFA Level 1 students got the chance to meet CFA Level 2 students whereby advises where exchanged.
It was a successful networking and sporting event where the students got the chance to blow off steam and distress.

It is notable that the iconic instructor of all levels: Mr. Nizar Najm took part of the game as CFA Level 1 goalkeeper.


At IFA, your CFA journey experience will be one of a kind!
Students are back to studying as they enter the critical period before their CFA examination on June 23rd, 2018.